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Ahead of what is set to be a record-breaking heatwave, Aldi is on a mission to help savvy shoppers from splurging on pricey sunscreens, with its new and improved Lacura sun care range. Available in store now, prices start from just £1.79.

From light and hydrating formulas to maximum protection for little ones, there are 23 variations from SPF15 to 50+. All products are dermatologically tested and come with the 5-star UVA protection, exactly what’s needed to safely enjoy the sun.

What’s more, shoppers can save up to an incredible 78% compared to brands such as Ambre Solaire and Childs Farm!

Lacura Clear Sun Spray (£2.99, 200ml)Garnier Ambre Solaire Clear Protect[1] (£12.99, 200ml)
SAVING: £10.00 (77%)

Aldi’s Lacura Clear Sun Spray (£2.99, 200ml), offers immediate protection for long days in the sun without any white marks or sticky residue. The 100% transparent formula is water resistant and even better, it’s 64% less than rival brand, Ambre Solaire!

Lacura Moisturising Sun Lotion  (£2.39, 200ml)Solait Moisturising Sun Lotion[2] (£5.49, 200ml)
SAVING: £3.10 (56%)

Aldi’s Moisturising Sun Lotion (£2.39, 200ml) soothes dry skin, offers immediate sun protection, and is 56% cheaper than similar products available at Superdrug! Also available in an easy to apply Moisturising Sun Spray (£2.99, 200ml). Both sun spray and lotion areavailable in SPF15, SPF30 and SPF50+.

Lacura Sensitive Moisturising Sun Lotion  (£2.79, 200ml)Garnier Ambre Solaire Sensitive Advanced Protection Lotion (£8.00, 200ml)[3]
SAVING: £5.61 (70%)

Not forgetting those with sensitive skin, the SPF50+ Sensitive Sun Lotion (£2.79, 200ml) ensures maximum protection without irritation. What’s more, the gentle formula offers extra water resistance, so holiday revellers need not worry whilst splashing about in the pool or sea.

Lacura SPF50+ Kids Roll On  (£2.19, 50ml)Childs Farm SPF50+ Roll-On Lotion (£10.00, 70ml)[4]
SAVING: £7.81 (78%)

Kids are also covered as part of Aldi’s sun care offering, with the SPF50+ Kids Roll On (£2.19, 50ml); the high factor sun lotion offers instant protection, so parents can trust their little ones’ precious skin is in safe hands.  Also available is the handy SPF50+ Kids Coloured Roll On (£2.19, 50ml); the green coloured formula works to ensure all parts of children’s sun sensitive bodies are safely protected and nothing is missed.

And for little ones with sensitive skin, the paediatrician tested SPF50+ Kids Sensitive Roll On (£2.19, 50ml) offers maximum protection with a mild, gentle formulation, and it’s an incredible 78% cheaper than similar products from Childs Farm!

Lacura Kids Sensitive Sun Spray SPF50+ (£2.99, 200ml) Garnier Ambre Solaire Kids Sensitive Protection Spray SPF50+ (£8.40, 200ml)[5]
SAVING: £5.41 (64%)

Aldi’s paediatrician tested SPF50+ Kids Sensitive Sun Spray (£2.99, 200ml) offers high protection and great savings compared to competitor brands such as Garnier.  It protects immediately from the first application, meaning more time for fun in the sun as well as more pennies in the bank!  

Lacura Refreshing Dry Mist (£2.99, 200ml)Boots Clear & Cool Protect Mist (£7.00, 200ml)[6]
SAVING: £4.01 (57%)

For an invisible application of moisturising sunscreen, Aldi’s Lacura Refreshing Dry Mist covers the body quickly and easily. Ultra-light transparent droplets are absorbed rapidly to leave skin feeling silky smooth and immediately protected from the damaging effects of the summer sun. At just £2.99, it’s well worth making the switch from expensive alternatives such as Boots’ Clear & Cool Protect Mist. Available in SPF30 or SPF50+.

Lacura After Sun Spray (£1.79, 200ml)Ambre Solaire After Sun Spray (£5, 200ml)[7]
SAVING: £3.21 (64%)

Last but not least, the Lacura After Sun Spray (£1.79, 200ml) prevents irritation and discomfort by cooling the skin. At an incredible £1.79 – 64% cheaper than Garnier – shoppers can soothe sun kissed skin without pulling on their purse strings.

Aldi’s sun care range is available to purchase in stores now.


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