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  • Popular TikToker’s ultimate Easter fry-up causes social media frenzy after using Aldi’s Giant Hot Cross Bun in place of toast 
  •  Supermarket’s supersized Easter treat returns on 23rd March for a second year with new Chocolate Orange flavour

TikToker Jack Cooks has showed his 127k followers how to create the ultimate Easter breakfast – a Great British fry-up inside Aldi’s Giant Hot Cross Bun (£3.99, 600g). Bunderful!

The supermarket launched the oversized Easter treat last year which proved so popular, it’s back for 2023 along with a new Specially Selected Giant Chocolate Orange Hot Cross Bun (£3.99, 550g).

After research shows more than a quarter (26.6%) of Brits see Hot Cross Buns as breakfast food[1], the TikToker went to work to create the Giant Hot Cross Bun breakfast stack.

Piled high with sausage patties, crispy bacon, black pudding, beans and sunny side up fried eggs, the breakfast serving creates the perfect combination of sweet and salty. All served on Aldi’s Giant Hot Cross Bun, which weighs a whopping 600g and measures eight inches in diameter, it’s ideal for Easter lovers.

The 2023 twist on a British classic has caused mixed reactions on social media.

Anne Stone said: “Disgusting not for breakfast keep as is to go with a nice cuppa toasted and smothered with butter”

Heather agreed: “Hot cross wrong”

While Philip Dykes thinks the combo works: “Bacon in a hot cross bun is yumm”

As does Paul Underwood: “Sweet and Savoury is actually amaaaazing”

But it’s not all sweet and savoury – TikToker Joe’s Bakes has shown keen bakers how to create the ultimate Easter Cake using the newest addition to Aldi’s range, the Specially Selected Giant Chocolate Orange Hot Cross Bun (£3.99, 550g).

Measuring seven inches in diameter, his 118k followers were impressed with the new whopping treat commenting: “That is a massive hot cross bun!”.

It’s not the first time the bun has caused a stir on social media. Last year, Samantha Ramsdell, the Woman with the World’s Biggest Mouth, attempted to eat the bun whole, but despite having a mouth spanning an enormous 2.56 inches, the TikToker couldn’t quite manage it, much to the disappointment of her 2.9 million followers.

Joe’s Hot Cross Bun Cake recipe:

Ingredients (serves 6-8):

  • Specially Selected Giant Chocolate Orange Hot Cross Bun (£3.99, 550g)
  • 250g Cowbelle British Unsalted Butter (£1.99, 250g)
  • 500g The Pantry Icing Sugar (£0.79, 500g)
  • 4tbsp Cowbelle British Semi-skimmed Milk (£0.95, 1 pint)
  • 1tsp Vanilla Extract
  • 25g The Pantry Cocoa Powder (£1.49, 250g)
  • Assortment of Food Colouring

For the centre/ to decorate:

  • Dairyfine Mini Chocolate Eggs £0.99, 80g
  • Moser Roth Office Bunnies £2.99, 140g
  • Dairyfine Milk Chocolate Chicks/Bunnies/Lambs £1.99, 125g


To make the buttercream:

  1. Beat the butter until pale and fluffy
  2. Add half the icing sugar and beat to combine
  3. Add the second half of the icing sugar and beat until pale and fluffy
  4. Split the mixture in two
  5. Add cocoa powder to one half of the buttercream
  6. Split the remainder of the buttercream into four portions and add food colouring of your choice

For the cake:

  • Cut the Giant Chocolate Orange Hot Cross Bun in half horizontally and core out the middle of each layer using a cookie cutter
  • Spread the chocolate buttercream on the inside of each half, then sandwich them on top of each other
  • Fill the cored out middle with Dairyfine Mini Chocolate Eggs, Moser Roth Office Bunnies and Dairyfine Milk Chocolate Lambs, before placing a section of the cored middle on top to hide the surprise
  • Then, use the food colouring to create several buttercream colours
  • Finally, decorate with some of the mini chocolate characters as you create a perfectly delicious Easter table centrepiece!

Shoppers looking to tryJack’s Giant Hot Cross Bun Breakfast Stack can follow his recipe below or on his TikTok:

Ingredients (serves 4):

  • Specially Selected Giant Hot Cross Bun (£3.99, 600g)
  • Oakhurst Smoked Streaky Bacon Rashers (£2.25, 300g)
  • Ashfields Black Pudding Slices (£0.89, 227g)
  • Oakhurst Breakfast Pork Patties (£1.89, 342g)
  • Corale Baked Beans (£0.45, 410g)
  • Specially Selected British Mixed Weight Golden Yolk Eggs (£1.99, 6 pack)
  • Butter, for spreading


  1. Slice Aldi’s Giant Hot Cross Bun in half
  2. Toast both sides of the hot cross bun in a large frying pan – you may need to do this one half at a time!
  3. Fry the bacon, black pudding and sausage patties in a frying pan
  4. In the same pan, crack in two eggs to fry
  5. Cook the baked beans in a small pan
  6. Butter the hot cross bun
  7. Begin building your breakfast stack; on one slice of the hot cross bun add the sausage patties, bacon, black pudding, beans and eggs
  8. Close with the other hot cross bun slice, so it resembles a sandwich
  9. Cut into four and serve

Aldi’s Giant Hot Cross Buns are available in stores and via Click and Collect from Thursday 23rd March, while stocks last.


For further information, images or to request a sample, please contact the Aldi press team on:

020 7479 0910

For more information, please contact the Aldi Press Office on:
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