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  • Levi Hallows, 5, beat hundreds of applicants to become Aldi’s 2024 Easter egg taster
  • The role will involve reviewing Aldi’s Easter eggs, with feedback helping the supermarket’s buying team for next year’s range
  • Levi, who is a big fan of outer space, is ‘already taking his role very seriously!’ according to mum, Mary

Levi Hallows (5), from Stockport, Cheshire has beaten hundreds of hopeful applicants and landed the sweetest job of all as Aldi’s Chief Easter Egg Tasting Officer.

Chocolate lover Levi will receive a selection of Aldi’s Easter eggs in exchange for reporting back his thoughts to the supermarket’s Buying Team. Feedback will help guide what goes on shelves for Easter 2025.

The cracking job, which saw applicants apply via Aldi’s social media, generated hundreds of eggs-tra special entries from the UK, sharing videos as to why they were right for the role.

Levi caught the attention of the judges after submitting a video entry in which he sang a song dedicated to the role of a lifetime. Holding his favourite bar of Aldi chocolate, he sings: “Do you have a sweet tooth? I do! I’ve had it since I was a boy!”

As well as having an affiliation for chocolate, Levi is a budding Karate star and has a keen interest in all things outer space. Luckily for Aldi’s new Chief Easter Egg Tasting Officer, the supermarket’s 2024 range includes the NEW Dairyfine Giant Galleggsy Egg (£9.99, 600g). The enormous space-themed showstopper is a whopping 600g, featuring a creamy milk chocolate shell adorned with 3D white rocket-ship detailing.

Levi says: I’m so excited and can’t wait to taste the eggs. My mum and grandparents are very proud of me and I can’t wait to tell all my friends at school.”

Mary Hallows, Levi’s mum, says: “As soon as I told Levi he had won, he started taking his new job title very seriously. He was absolutely over the moon!”

Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi UK, says: “Our Easter eggs are hugely popular but it’s important we continue to amaze shoppers with innovative, fun products each year. That’s why the role of our Chief Easter Egg Tasting Officer is such an important one. The feedback provided really helps our Buying Team create a bigger and better range each year.”

Aldi’s Easter egg range, which starts from just 99p, also includes the Dairyfine Sundae Eggs (£6.99 each, 225g) and brand NEW Dairyfine Piñata Egg (£4.99, 300g), which comes complete with a wooden hammer to crack open the egg.

To try this year’s Easter egg selection shoppers can head to Aldi stores or order via Click and Collect now.


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