12 Dec 2023

Aldi has revealed yet more price cuts as it gears up for its biggest Christmas yet.

The UK’s cheapest supermarket* will this week lower prices on more than 30 products by up to 20%, including staple meat buys.

Shoppers can enjoy price drops on items such as chicken goujons, beef mince, sausages and salmon fillets, as well as on a range of produce items and cupboard essentials.

Britain’s fourth largest supermarket recently announced an investment of around £12 million in cutting prices of seasonal staples, with customers already enjoying price drops on more than 300 products in December.

Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi UK, said: “We know that this time of year can be an expensive time for everyone, which is why we are cutting more prices than ever before in December.

“Our commitment to always keep our prices as low as possible for customers is going nowhere and we continue to see shoppers switch to Aldi for this very reason.”

Full list of reduced items:

ProductOld priceNew priceEffective from
Chicken Goujons – Breaded & SF£1.99£1.7913.12.23
Whole Chicken£4.79£4.5913.12.23
British Pork Shoulder Steaks£4.39£3.9913.12.23
Pulled Pork£3.29£2.9913.12.23
Beef Mince 25% Fat 500g£2.45£2.2913.12.23
The Ultimate Burger£2.99£2.6913.12.23
Specially Selected 10pk Pork Sausages£3.99£3.2913.12.23
Salmon Fillets 240g£3.99£3.7913.12.23
Fishcakes 270g£1.59£1.2913.12.23
Half Side of Salmon 500g£8.29£7.9913.12.23
Strawberries 400g£3.49£2.9910.12.23
Extra Large Mild Onions 3pk£1.49£1.3910.12.23
Red Onions 1kg£0.99£0.9510.12.23
Mango Each£0.95£0.8910.12.23
Goats Cheese£2.19£1.9913.12.23
 Mini Roule 100g£3.25£2.9913.12.23
Sausage Rolls£1.65£1.4913.12.23
Frankfurters 350g£1.99£1.8913.12.23
Italian Style Ham Assort 90g£1.39£1.2913.12.23
Prosciutto/Serrano Ham£1.99£1.8913.12.23
Salami & Cheese Selections£1.79£1.6913.12.23
British Ham 240g£2.39£2.2513.12.23
British Cooked/smoked Ham£2.29£2.2513.12.23
Meatster Mini£2.09£1.9913.12.23
1 Ltr Ready to Drink Coffee£1.75£1.6913.12.23
BBQ Rib£1.29£1.1913.12.23
 Part Baked Baguette 300g£0.85£0.7913.12.23
Part Baked Mini Baguette 3£0.85£0.7913.12.23
Sesame Bagel 5pk£1.09£0.9913.12.23
Salad Cream 520g£1.09£0.9913.12.23
Wheaties 500g£2.09£1.9913.12.23
Fruit & Fibre 750g£1.29£1.2513.12.23
Alcafe Dolce Gusto Compatible£3.19£2.9913.12.23
Organic Baby Biscuits£0.99£0.7913.12.23

*Which? monthly supermarket basket price comparison, published 4th December 2023