28 May 2021


  • Aldi’s own label spirits Aperini and Austin’s voted BETTER tasting than Aperol & Pimm’s – which cost more than twice the price
  • Which? urges shoppers to swap out branded spirit favourites for higher rated Aldi alternatives – just in time for the British heatwave!

The results for this summer’s best beverages are in! According to a blind taste test by consumer champion Which?, summertime favourites Pimm’s and Aperol have been pipped to the post by Aldi’s own-brand alternatives – costing less than half the price!

With the June heatwave fast approaching, it will no doubt have shoppers flocking to stores to stock up on Aldi’s Aperini Aperitif (£6.99) and Austin’s Summer Punch (£7.49), which have been voted best summer spirits. Aldi’s own versions came out top in every category, not only beating supermarket alternatives from other leading retailers including Tesco and Sainsbury’s, but blowing the branded versions themselves out of the water, scoring higher than Pimm’s or Aperol. 

Which?’s 100 impartial blind tasters put shoppers’ favourite summer spirits to the test, judging scrupulously to decipher the best quality product of all.

Aldi’s Aperini Aperitif (£6.99, 70cl) comes in at nearly half the price of the branded version of Aperol (£12)[1] at Sainsbury’s! Despite its lower price point, Which? testers were happy to label Aldi’s Aperini Aperitif the best of the bunch, commending the beverage for having ‘the best balance between sweetness and bitterness’ and enjoying the ‘noticeable citrusy flavour that was not too overpowering’.

Aldi’s Austin’s Summer Punch (£7.49, 70cl) also came out top of the charts, scoring far higher in the Pimm’s category than the branded drink itself, which costs a whopping £12.51 more when purchased at Tesco[2]. The overwhelming majority also picked Aldi’s Austin’s Summer Punch, preferring its punchy taste, to the more expensive own brand offering from Tesco – the Tesco Summer Cup (£8)[3].

For a fresh summer sip to enjoy in the long awaited June heat, which saves shoppers a pretty penny, head to Aldi stores or online now at


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Notes to Editors

Full results – Aperol

ProductOverall score
Aldi Aperini74%
Sainsburys Aperitivo69%

Full results – Pimm’s

ProductOverall score
Aldi Austin’s Summer Punch72%
Tesco Summer Cup69%
Pimm’s No. 167%

[1] Sainsbury’s, cost as of 27.05.21

[2] Tesco, price as of 27.05.21

[3] Tesco, price as of 27.05.21