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  • Aldi named cheapest supermarket according to The Grocer
  • The latest Grocer 33 also shows that Aldi is 14.2% cheaper than its closest rival, Asda, while Tesco is 24.1% more expensive than Aldi
  • An average basket of 33 essential items at The Big Four is 21.1% more expensive than at Aldi
  • Aldi also maintains position as Cheapest Supermarket in the UK according to Which? for November – the fifth month in a row

Aldi has been named the UK’s lowest-priced supermarket in not one but two independent price surveys, being named the UK’s lowest-priced supermarket by trade magazine, The Grocer, in its independent price comparison survey AND Cheapest Supermarket in the UK for November by Which?.

The Grocer’s analysis shows that the Big Four supermarkets are, on average, £10.21 (21.1%) more expensive than Aldi on a basket of 33 everyday grocery items.

The Grocer found that shoppers are £11.63 (24.1%) worse off by shopping at Tesco than at Aldi.

Aldi had the lowest price on 31 of the 33 products included in The Grocer’s analysis, which includes everyday grocery items such as milk, bread, eggs and apples.

The Which? Cheapest Supermarket price comparison looked at the cost for a basket of 22 items, including groceries and household essentials, with Aldi coming in the cheapest at just £21.28 – maintaining its position as the UK’s cheapest supermarket for the fifth month in a row

The same shopping cost a whopping 25% more at Tesco than at Aldi.

Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi, said:

“We know this Christmas is likely to be difficult for many families and so we are incredibly proud to consistently provide our customers with the best value groceries in the UK. We’re delighted that Aldi has been named the UK’s cheapest supermarket in not one but two independent price surveys.

“It is possible to make savings without compromising on quality; this is why millions of brits continue to choose Aldi to do their weekly shop, and it’s why we’ll ensure we keep providing the best quality products at the best possible prices.”

The news comes as Aldi today launches a new campaign to help support those in need this Christmas, pledging £1 to the Neighbourly Foundation for every one of its fresh whole turkeys and fresh turkey crowns purchased in the run-up to the big day. The supermarket expects to raise over £400,000 to help fight food poverty with this initiative, as part of its mission to support the Neighbourly Foundation in helping to look after the health and happiness of communities across the UK.


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