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Aldi reveal the surprising things parents love about children returning home from university for summer… including going clubbing and watching Love Island!

Readjusting to life when children return home from university is not always plain sailing, but for parents who have survived the initial settling in period, the benefits of having children back at home can start to show.
Research conducted by Aldi, reveals that a third of parents admit they get bored having only their partner for company when their offspring are away studying. As a result, 40% say having their children return for the summer months is positive as it ‘brings a refreshing, younger person’s perspective on life’.
One in five (20%) of parents even admitted they get to indulge in TV shows they wouldn’t normally watch such as ‘Love Island’.
A quarter (25%) of parents enjoy making a bigger effort to cook interesting food when their children are home. Shopping for a wider selection of varied food items can be made easy at Aldi, where a large range of specialist foods are available at amazing value. Weekly Super 6 offers have included unusual fruit and veg such as lychees, Sharon fruit and vegan favourite jackfruit.
Aldi’s website offers a huge range of varied recipes to offer inspiration to parents who want to make more of an effort with cooking when their children return home.
Meanwhile, parents say having their children home means they have someone to watch sport with and talk about fashion. The study even found that 13% of dads go out to bars and clubs with their returning child.
Parents showed they find their uses for returning children, with a third saying they wait for them to return so they can ‘sort out any tech/gadget issues’.
Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi, says: “At Aldi we are proud to offer exceptional quality and taste at fantastic value, helping families to cope with increased household costs during summer, without comprising on range or quality.”

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