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Fancy four burgers, two steaks and a whole pulled pork shoulder for less than £9.00? Of course, you do, who wouldn’t!

Pick up these BBQ essentials at Britain’s Favourite Supermarket* – available on Thursday 11th July at Aldi – but hurry, as with all SpecialBuys once they’re gone, they’re gone!
Pork Burger with Mustard and Cheese Topper, £1.99: More cheese? Yes, please! This 2 pack of American topped burgers are made from 100% Red Tractor approved British pork. Topped off with a mouth-watering mature cheddar and a bechamel & American style mustard disc which melts onto the burger whilst it cooks, creating a flavour sensation!
Specially Selected Aberdeen Angus Picanha Burger, £1.89: This delicious 2 pack of burgers contain carefully selected cuts of prime, slowly matured, British beef with succulent chunks of picanha beef rump steak. Lastly they’re seasoned with black pepper, and at less than £1.00 per burger they’re worth every bite.
Chipotle Pulled Pork Shoulder, £1.99: Lean pork basted shoulder, cooked low and slow for melt in the mouth tenderness, in a sweet chipotle rub and sauce. With hints of chilli, cayenne pepper, smoked paprika and tomato, it’s one to fight over across the dinner table.
28 Day Matured Twin Pack Rump Steaks, £2.99: Feast on these flavour packed, firm-textured steaks. Aged to perfection for a more tender, succulent taste, at less than £1.50 per steak it’s time to raise the stakes this BBQ season!

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